Ten x Ten was initiated in 2010 by Homeroom and Spudnik Press Coopearive as a way to upend the common creative economy between Chicago musicians and printmakers, namely an interaction based around show posters and album art with the visual artists always responding to the music. Since then, the project has evolved into a dual-media collaboration between visual artists and musicians that explores ideas of abstraction, the collaborative process, and the translation of artistic gestures and concepts across media.

Through partnering with a unique guest curator for each iteration, Ten x Ten has explores various themes and collaborative approaches, often emphasizing structure and form across media through the investigation of topics like synesthesia (2013) and graphic notation (2015). Projects have featured various musical genres as diverse as hip-hop and spoken word (2012), contemporary classical (2013), and improvisational jazz (2015).

Central to Ten x Ten is adaptation and evolution over time. Through reinventing the project for each iteration, Ten x Ten has continually expanded the dialog and collaboration between participants while encouraging the awareness of and interaction between disparate Chicago artist communities. The project aims to continually increase recognition and support of local artists and their contributions to the city of Chicago.

Presenting Organizations

Spudnik Press provides facilities and services available to artists who need a place to create or exhibit their original artwork, especially those who cannot obtain access to traditional printmaking facilities and exhibition spaces because of financial or other limitations. In addition, Spudnik provides education in printmaking practices though uniting professional artists with a diverse community of emerging artists, established artists, youth, and adults.

Homeroom Chicago designs artistic projects and programs with two core values: conversation and collaboration. We build programming structures with artists, audiences, curators and venues to create and artistic dialogue with shared and far-reaching impact.

Past Guest Curators

Past Partners and Sponsors