Ten x Ten 2020

Ten x Ten 2020 is a collaborative commissioned production featuring 10 composers writing symphonic work in collaboration with 10 visual artists producing screen prints. Presenting organizations Chicago Composers Orchestra, Homeroom, and Spudnik Press paired 10 visual artists with a composer. Together, the visual artist and composer are asked to write corresponding components of a single work, though each print and each composition may stand on their own as an independent work of art. 
Music and visual art are not typically presented or discussed as complementary art forms. Ten x Ten challenges this notion, asking participants to explore the common ground between one another's work. Collaboration is at the core of this process-driven project. Often, language is a starting point for the pairs: what adjectives might describe their work; how might narratives be embedded in their work; how do they organize and structure their compositions? From these discussions, the pairs develop a work plan and dialogue that allows their creative processes to influence one another.

Through this multimedia partnership, composers and visual artists are challenged to consider new factors and possibilities for creating work. Each artist is encouraged to cultivate a deeper understanding of their own creative process by delving into another, very different artist's approach to creating. 

January 25 at Ganz Hall at Roosevelt University @ 430 S Michigan Ave  

May 16 at Ganz Hall at Roosevelt University @ 430 S Michigan Ave

Fall 2020
Carlos Matallana with Ben Lamar Gay
Michelle Nordmeyer with Andrew McManus

About the Presenting Organizations
Chicago Composers Orchestra presents orchestral music by living composers, extending this rich tradition to make it open, vibrant, and diverse, and speak to our lives today. The organization envisions the orchestra as a powerful vehicle for contemporary music, filled with energy and purpose for composers, performers, and communities.

Homeroom Chicago designs artistic projects and programs with two core values: conversation and collaboration. We build programming structures with artists, audiences, curators and venues to create and artistic dialogue with shared and far-reaching impact.

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Spudnik Press provides facilities and services to artists who need a place to create or exhibit their original artwork, especially those who cannot obtain access to traditional printmaking facilities and exhibition spaces because of financial or other limitations. In addition, Spudnik provides education in printmaking practices by uniting professional artists with a diverse community of emerging and established artists, youth, and adults.