Preview Ten x Ten 2015: Eli Namay & Uriel Correa - Fire in the Raucous Wire

Fire in the Raucous Wire 
Single from the Ten x Ten 2015 Collection

Eli and Uriel engaged in a back and forth exchange exploring the theme of conflict. The musical score consists mostly of text instructions on how the members of the ensemble are to relate to each other.
Print by Uriel Correa. Music composed by Eli Namay, ASCAP 
Josh Berman (cornet), Anton Hatwich (double bass),  Eli Namay (double bass), Ryan Packard (vibraphone), Keefe Jackson (tenor saxophone), Phil Sudderberg (drums)
On Saturday, September 12, 2015, the Ten x Ten 2015 Collection will be released with a concert and exhibition at Elastic Arts.

The Ten x Ten 2015 Collection is the manifestation of a year-long collaboration involving ten unique partnerships between musicians and visual artists. Producing organizations Homeroom and Spudnik Press along with Guest Curator Elastic Arts highlight the Chicago free jazz community to investigate how artists across media interpret improvisation.

Each of the 20 distinct contributors have explored their artistic practice in a cross-media collaboration with another artist in a series of live visual art and music performances including a Working Performance at Constellation and a live Recording Performance at Elastic Arts. Working within the genre of jazz and improvised music, the musicians each composed and performed new work in collaboration with a visual artist. Working in tandem with their musician counterpart, each visual artist developed a new screenprinted artwork. The final product of their collaboration is a limited edition LP and a full-color publication featuring each print, statements by each artist/musician pair that illuminates their collaboration, and a digital download link.

Please download the Ten x Ten 2015 Release Concert & Exhibition Press Release for details. Contact Aaron Rodgers, Executive Director of Homeroom for additional details.

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