Improvised Music Series: Working Performance / Thursday Feb. 19, 2015

The long-running Improvised Music Series from Elastic Arts makes a guest appearance at Constellation as part of Ten x Ten 2015’s eight-month production pairing ten musicians with ten visual artists to create collaborative recordings and fine art prints. The Improvised Music Series: Working Performance is a rare opportunity for the public to witness the creative and collaborative process as it happens. Relying heavily on improvisation, each musician-artist pair will workshop their ideas and experiment with how to translate ideas from sound to image, and vice versa. Each musician will direct the ensemble as they develop their compositions. At the same time, the audience will be able to watch projections of the artists visually responding and refining their designs in real time.

This is the second of four opportunities to experience the eight-month process of creating the next Ten x Ten.

Ten x Ten 2015:
Improvised Music Series: Working Performance

Thursday, February 19, 9:30pm
3111 N Western Ave.
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