Press Release: Ten x Ten 2013

Homeroom, Spudnik Press and Access Contemporary Music
present "Ten x Ten 2013"
Release Concert & Exhibition

Saturday, November 16 at 6 p.m.
at Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art
2320 West Chicago Avenue 

Ten x Ten 2013 provides a unique opportunity for visual artists and music composers to collaborate in a meaningful, shared creation. The product explores how visual and auditory senses can interact artistically while providing documentation of Chicago’s visual art and contemporary music communities.

The project strives to introduce artists and musicians that might not have otherwise crossed paths, and encourages the development of a creative relationship that transcends the typical show poster. The final package consists of ten songs and ten screenprints developed exclusively for the project.

10 Chicago artists are paired with 10 Chicago contemporary (classical) music composers to each produce a work. The artists and composers collaborate on a joint statement of intent describing the similar themes and concept their works will explore. Using the joint statement of intent as a focus, each visual artists has created one 10 inch by 10 inch scale print, published by Spudnik Press Cooperative. And each composer wrote a piece performed and recorded by Palomar Ensemble that is being pressed onto 12” vinyl.

The final package that will be released on Saturday, November 16, 2013 will be a suite of 10 prints and a record with 10 corresponding compositions issued on record. The entire package will be sold for $35 and includes admission to the debut concert and exhibition at Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art. 

The partnerships of Ten x Ten 2013 are:

Lilli Carre and Michael Miller
Edie Fake and Andrew Tham
Jo Dery and Jude Mathews
Aaron Renier and Brain Baxter
Chad Kouri and Marjorie Rusche
Craig Hansen and Betsy Start
Aaron Maurer and Tim Corpus
Ann Worthing and Amos Gillespie
Angee Lennard and Randall West
Renee Robbins and Seth Boustead

Homeroom designs artistic projects and programs with two core values: conversation and collaboration. We build programming structures with artists, audiences, curators and venues to create an artistic dialogue with shared and far-reaching impact.

Spudnik Press was founded on the premise that art should be a democratic and empowering medium, Spudnik Press Cooperative is committed to being an approachable and affordable print shop; a space where professional printmakers merge with aspiring students; a space that encourages collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

Access Contemporary Music is a non-profit organization that presents classical music as a living tradition. We perform new works in innovative ways for new audiences, provide community-based education, and collaborate with composers from around the world.