Hyperallergic Review

Philip Hartman stopped by the Ten x Ten events last week and UIMA, and wrote this great article about the project! If you couldn't get to the reception and concert, Philip did a great job speaking to the project. See it at Hyperalleric.


This Saturday!

Saturday, November 16, 2013, 6PM
with a special performance of the album by Palomar Ensemble
Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art
2320 West Chicago Avenue

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Single Package - $35 includes admission for 1, plus Ten x Ten 2013 LP with digital download and artwork.

Couple Package - $45 includes admission for 2, plus a Ten x Ten 2013 LP with digital download and artwork.

Single Ticket - $15, concert only, no LP or artwork.


Interview with Francesco Milioto

Access Contemporary Music’s Artistic Director and Conductor, Francesco Milioto talks with Homeroom about musical side of the collaborative Ten x Ten project. Milioto will conduct the Palomar Ensemble at the Ten x Ten Release Concert & Exhibition this Saturday, November 16th at 6:00pm at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art

Q. The Ten x Ten project is unique in that visual artists and composers collaborate from the first stages of the creative project instead of in response to each other's work. As the conductor of the musical portion of the project, did you notice anything different about the pieces as opposed to other musical works because of this collaboration?

A. I don't think there is necessarily something "different" about these compositions, but simply something abstractly specific! It's hard enough to describe a painting with words, imagine with music! In a way the music ends up being an imitation, or something that parallels the work in a way. That is what I find interesting about each of these pieces, the way the composer is trying to connect to each painting, and what they are trying to say about it. 

Q. The composers used a unique combination of instruments for this project. Can you describe how each instrument might be reflected in the corresponding visual prints?

A. I think each composer found a way to use not only each instruments qualities, but all the possible combinations of instruments to suite the idea. As musician will use their imagination and I am sure when asked, a lot of the thoughts would overlap! 

Q. Take us back to the recording process. How is it different to rehearse an ensemble for a recording session rather than a live performance?

A. Recording is always different. We can record in shorter chunks of music, though I do like to have takes of the whole piece as well. For either live performances or recordings the goal is to have an arch all the way through... which in recording is difficult, especially when you stop and start! Tempi, tuning, continuity.. etc.. are all much harder to keep consistent in a recording studio.

Q. What are you most looking forward to at the Ten x Ten Release Concert & Exhibition?

A. I am most looking forward to the audience reaction and comments on experiencing both the visuals and music at the same time!

Q. Which music would you like to have performed at your funeral?

A. Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana.


Thanks April 7's Custom Framing

Thanks April 7's Custom Framing for bringing your amazing framing skills to our project! Visit their shop, and you'll be blown away with their framing ingenuity, and the caliper and diversity of artwork that adorns their walls. Speak with owners Martin and Julie, and you'll be blown away by their generosity and warmth. Right here in the neighborhood, they are a local frame shop that we are honored to have supporting our project and that we are honored to recommend to our friends and family.


Approaching Color and Music

For the 2013 edition of Ten x Ten, Homeroom put visual artists in collaboration with composers writing for a small ensemble instead of the bands and solo performers of past iterations. In an effort to increase the level of dialogue between the resulting music and prints, Homeroom hosted a lecture and workshop called Visual Music 101 that took place at the Spudnik Annex in February 2013. The lecture focused on relationships between color and music starting with early 20th century painting inspired by music and continuing up through light organs, abstract animation, and contemporary digital manifestations of visual music. Writer David Metcalfe discussed with the Ten x Ten participants different methods and techniques for merging sound and image, using his contribution to the book Chromatic: The Crossroads of Color and Music (ALARM Press) as a jumping off point. 
To further emphasize the relationship between color and musical timbre, the composers were asked to compose for a ensemble of one of two instrumentations, one dominated by winds, one by strings. Their corresponding printmaker was asked to worked from limited color palette in order to compliment each ensemble's warm or cool timbre. The composer/printmaker partnerships were then left to discuss ideas and strategies to bring to bear on their collaborative pieces. 8 months later, the pieces are complete and ready to be viewed and heard!


Signing Party!

Ten x Ten artists gathered at Spudnik Press Wednesday night to sign their prints, have a celebratory beer, and listen to the album. The project is nearing completion! 

Ann Worthing signing her prints.

Angee Lennard cutting down Craig Hansen's print.