Ten x Ten 2015: Cynthia Weiss & Paul Giallorenzo

Cynthia Weiss & Paul Giallorenzo (piano):
Paul and Cynthia will improvise together using various points of contact: grids, on and off; mapping lines of sound and gesture; negative and positive shape, sound and silence.


Reserve Your Ten x Ten 2015 Collection Now. Pre-sales End July 1


Monday evening officially wrapped up the printing phase of Ten x Ten 2015. Artists braved the downpour to visit Spudnik Press for a signing party. For the first time, artists and musicians were able to see together the suite of ten screenprints in the Ten x Ten Collection. Prints were signed and editioned while artists first listened to the final compositions. We toasted to their collaborative accomplishments.

Next, we gear up to share this all with our followers and supporters! Pre-sale orders for the Ten x Ten 2015 Collection are available now for $35.  

By purchasing your Ten x Ten 2015 Collection before July 1st, you will receive a complimentary ticket to the fall release event (total value = $55).The collection includes a limited edition LP with the ten pieces written and performed by the Ten x Ten 2015 musicians, and a full-color publication featuring each print, and a digital download link. (Individual screenprints will be sold individually and will be available this fall.)

Order your collection today and save! Pre-sales end July 1st, 2015.


Ten x Ten 2015: Hannah Ireland & Cameron Pfiffner

Hannah Ireland & Cameron Pfiffner (tenor saxophone):
Cameron and Hannah's collaboration explores repetition and the breakdown of structure: in visual and auditory imagery, and through the effects of natural forces and the elements.


Vinyl has been sent for pressing!

The music segment of the Ten x Ten 2015 Collection has entered the next phase of production with mixing, mastering and record pressing. Over the past few weeks, the musicians, along with curator Paul Giallorenzo and sound recordist Dave Zuchowski, put the final touches on their compositions which were recorded live at Elastic Arts this past March.

After the mixes were completed, they were mastered by local engineer Nick Broste before being sent to our sponsor, Chicago Mastering Service. Mastering increases the clarity and audibility of recordings by removing noise and altering the compression and equalization levels. Chicago Mastering Service has a highly-detailed article about the history and different options of mastering available to read on their website.

Finally, Chicago Mastering Service staff Shelly Steffens cut the music to a lacquer record, which was then sent to Gotta Groove Records in Ohio for vinyl pressing. A limited edition of 200 records will be pressed and paired with a catalog of prints in the complete Ten x Ten 2015 Collection.

Reserve your limited edition Ten x Ten 2015 Collection today!


Ten x Ten 2015: Salvador Andrade Arévalo & Phillip Sudderberg

Salvador Andrade ArĂ©valo & Phillip Sudderberg (percussion):
An experiment in which strict dictation is forfeited for loosely structured physical composition that favors surprise, community, and psychic rantings.