An Interview with Jordan Martins

On Sunday, February 8th at 4:00pm, we present Graphic Notation 101, the Ten x Ten 2015 Kick-off event, with guest presenters Jordan Martins and Katherine Young. In anticipation, Seth Vanek of Homeroom Chicago interviewed Jordan Martins to learn more about his approach to color and improvisation and who he looks to for inspiration.

To see Jordan speak in person, please join us February 8th at 4:00pm at Spudnik Press Cooperative, 1821 W Hubbard St. #302 for Graphic Notation 101.

Jordan Martins is a Chicago-based visual artist, curator, educator, and musician. Martins’s visual work is based in collage processes, including mixed media two dimensional work, photography, video, and installation. His recent work is primarily concerned with visual codes, camouflage, and gestalt theory. As a musician, Martins collaborates with Angela James and Quarter Mile Thunder, in addition to improvised performances with musicians from varied backgrounds. As Co-Director of the Comfort Station, he oversees general programming, gestates new projects, and coordinates partnerships with outside organizations and artists. He co-founded the Comfort Music series in 2011, directed the Relax Attack Jazz Series from 2011-2013, and is currently on the programming committee for the Chicago Jazz Festival. He received his MFA in visual arts from the Universidade Federal da Bahia in Salvador, Brazil in 2007 and has been an instructor at North Park University since 2008.


Ten x Ten 2015 Kick Off: Graphic Notation 101

 Ligeti, Artikulation score
Ten x Ten 2015 kicks off Sunday, February 8 with a free afternoon lecture, Graphic Notation 101 featuring Jordan Martins and Katherine Young, at Spudnik Press Cooperative. The artists and musicians of Ten x Ten 2015 will also be in attendance.
Since the early 20th century, artists have found inspiration in the pure abstraction of instrumental music. There has been a rich history of synaesthetic approaches to relating color to timbre and tonality in both scientific and highly subjective ways. More recently, music notation incorporating graphic elements outside of the traditional staff have served as a way to travel the territory between improvisation, chance operations, and non-traditional composition while negotiating the balance between the interpretive power of the performer and the single-sourced autonomy of the composer. With the help of composer and bassoonist Katherine Young and visual artist and musician Jordan Martins, Graphic Notation 101 will explore the history of some of these practices as well at underline the compositional and interpretive techniques as play.

This is the first of four opportunities to experience the eight-month process of creating the next Ten x Ten. Following the lecture, the Ten x Ten 2015 artists and musicians will meet their collaborators and begin developing their contribution to the project.

Graphic Notation 101
(Ten x Ten 2015 Kick Off Event)

Sunday, February 8, 4:00pm
Spudnik Press Cooperative
1821 W Hubbard St. #302
Free, All Ages
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2015 Guest Curator Announced!

(Photo: Paul Giallorenzo)

Spudnik Press Cooperative and Homeroom Chicago are embarking on the next rendition of Ten x Ten with our Guest Curator, Elastic Arts. Elastic Arts, who affords the community the opportunity to participate in uncommon and stimulating programming in an intimate performance environment, free from commercial restraints, is an ideal collaborator. They are a cultural staple in the Avondale/Logan Square neighborhood and renowned for, among other things, their Thursday night Improvised Music Series.

The 2015 Collection brings together visual artists and musicians that incorporate improvisation into their art practice. We highlight the genre of jazz and investigate how artists across media interpret improvisation. Curators Dave Rempis and Paul Giallorenzo are inviting ten musicians to create an ensemble that will perform the new works commissioned through this project. Each musician will compose one track, each created in partnership with a visual artist.

New this year, we invite our audience to witness these cross-media collaborations through live performances, to be held in early 2015 at Elastic Arts.

Also new this year, we are scaling up the original prints to provide a more substantial canvas for our visual artists. We will produce an edition of just ten hand printed serigraphs. A limited edition catalog of the prints will be paired with the vinyl record and distributed as a collectable compilation.  Ten x Ten 2015 will be released in the Fall of 2015.

Please join the Ten x Ten mailing list to hear updates as the project develops.


Hyperallergic Review

Philip Hartman stopped by the Ten x Ten events last week and UIMA, and wrote this great article about the project! If you couldn't get to the reception and concert, Philip did a great job speaking to the project. See it at Hyperalleric.


Interview with Francesco Milioto

Access Contemporary Music’s Artistic Director and Conductor, Francesco Milioto talks with Homeroom about musical side of the collaborative Ten x Ten project. Milioto will conduct the Palomar Ensemble at the Ten x Ten Release Concert & Exhibition this Saturday, November 16th at 6:00pm at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art.

Q. The Ten x Ten project is unique in that visual artists and composers collaborate from the first stages of the creative project instead of in response to each other's work. As the conductor of the musical portion of the project, did you notice anything different about the pieces as opposed to other musical works because of this collaboration?